Ice Needles

Rime is the technical name for needle-shaped crystals of ice deposited by freezing fog. (Frost accumulates from water vapor rather than the supercooled liquid droplets in freezing fog.) We had freezing fog this past Monday morning, and the rime stuck around almost until midday, giving plenty of time to take some pictures.

Rime-ing Couplet

The fog, although diminished, remained until midday as well, which greatly transformed Mattis Park. The apartment buildings in the background are almost unrecognizable.

Our mild winter has not been kind for photography, so I’m doubly thankful for the freezing fog, which is unusual around here.


One thought on “Ice Needles

  1. Apparently I had my terminology wrong as we also had a freezing fog in MN but I referred to it as hoar frost. Thank you for clearing that up. I love how it almost looks like IR photography, but it’s full color. Excellent work!

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