If it didn’t cost so much to develop and scan, I’d be shooting a lot more film. For preference I’d standardize on Portra 400, with some HP5+ and Ektar 100 for variety. This frame is none of the above, being instead a square crop from some Fuji Superia 400 I had handy for this nice little moment at the bus stop.

One Bloom, Two Blooms

Thankfully, this spring has been much milder than last, and the sakura at Japan House bloomed right on schedule in mid-April.


The Tamron 90mm macro lens shines when used as a macro lens and focused manually. It most emphatically does not shine as a replacement for a fast AF 85mm; its AF motor lacks snap and the ability to track rapidly. Since I don’t own a fast 85mm, I’ll sometimes spray-and-pray with the Tamron and hope for the best, which turned out all right for me in both these images.


Depending on the calibration of your monitor, you may or may not see subtle texture in the background of this shot. It doesn’t show up in prints made on my Epson 3880 with my usual B&W process, and I’m not sure it’s worth it to tweak the print to make it show up, as the light sakura really pop against black.



These dead stems seemed to be guarding the shore of the lake at Japan House in April.

Painting Abstract


This painting hangs in the atrium of my office building, and around noon a shaft of light rakes across it, bringing out the texture of the many (and thick) layers of paint. I must have amused my co-workers by standing there during my lunch break, waiting for just the right moment.



I shot a few rolls of film in March which just came back from the lab. Here’s one frame taken with my favorite B&W emulsion, Ilford HP5 Plus.

Sakura 2015


Unlike last year, the cherry trees are blooming right on schedule this year.



For the middle of Easter week, here’s an immature peacock from the Scovill Zoo in Decatur, IL. I feel like going back later this year to see if and how the color of his feathers has changed.


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