Custard Moon

Custard Moon

The owners of Jarling’s Custard Cup are looking to retire after more than 35 years of making yummy treats. They want the business to continue and are actively seeking a successor, which I fervently hope they find. Just in case, we’ve been sure to take the kids over when we can this year, and I got this image of the building while doing so earlier this summer.

Dark Side of the Moon

October 8’s total lunar eclipse caught me a bit flat-footed (“Wait — there’s an eclipse tomorrow?”) but I was determined to watch and photograph it.

Turning Dark

My nephew stayed over at our house the previous night, so we had to wrangle three boys into shoes, coats, and van, and thence a short way into the country. I did manage to pack my longest lens, which is not really long enough for this type of thing, but it’s the best I have. This image was made with an old slow 70-210mm zoom at full extension, f/5.6, high ISO, and manual focus via Live View.

The boys spent most of their time complaining about one thing or another, but they did see the eclipse, and I pointed out a few constellations too. Hopefully this won’t be our last celestial outing.