Semper Bufo

We had just come home from Mass one evening, and my sons were rounding the front bumper on their way into the house when I saw something jumping in parallel to them. I first thought it was a mouse, and then remembered that mice don’t jump like that. It was a toad.

Semper Bufo

We’ve had a very wet summer in central Illinois, so perhaps it’s not that surprising to find a toad so far from the nearest creek, about 4-5 blocks away; still, I wonder what this fellow was doing at our house. I couldn’t get him to turn around and give me a face-on shot, unfortunately.


Even a side view was difficult, as I could only photograph through a small patch of weeds. The old telephoto I was using (to avoid spooking the toad) is standing up very well to the 24 megapixels of my D7100 in this image.

Smart Ass

I'm Keeping An Eye On You

The kids like to spend occasional summer evenings at Children’s Prairie Farm, a sort of petting zoo operated by the Champaign Park District with help from local farmers who loan their animals for the purpose. Most of the time I fail at getting the picture I want when I go there, which is all worth it for the one time I get a moment like this: a clear shot of an animal with a quirky or humorous expression or action for good measure.