Semper Bufo

We had just come home from Mass one evening, and my sons were rounding the front bumper on their way into the house when I saw something jumping in parallel to them. I first thought it was a mouse, and then remembered that mice don’t jump like that. It was a toad.

Semper Bufo

We’ve had a very wet summer in central Illinois, so perhaps it’s not that surprising to find a toad so far from the nearest creek, about 4-5 blocks away; still, I wonder what this fellow was doing at our house. I couldn’t get him to turn around and give me a face-on shot, unfortunately.


Even a side view was difficult, as I could only photograph through a small patch of weeds. The old telephoto I was using (to avoid spooking the toad) is standing up very well to the 24 megapixels of my D7100 in this image.


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