* That’s “Do-It-Yourself Over-The-Air Digital Television: Too Damn Many Three-Letter Acronyms,” if you’re keeping score at home.

Today’s post reaches back into the archives for an unusual image: a homemade TV antenna.

After the digital TV cutover in 2009, I plodded along for a while with a store-bought antenna that brought in only 2 channels, and even those had issues from time to time. While looking for something better I came across information on the Gray-Hoverman antenna, an update of an old design specifically for the UHF television band. The full antenna uses reflectors as well as aerials, but I’m lazy and didn’t want to put in the effort to properly cut and space the reflectors; thus, my antenna uses the aerials only.

Even without reflectors, it’s the best antenna I’ve ever used, easily bringing in the local stations with almost no hiccups. I thought it deserved a picture, and I hit on the idea of a little shaft of hard light from the right, modulated a bit by on-axis soft fill. Even better, by masking in a second frame I got Sheldon Cooper to keep the TV screen from being a huge expanse of nothingness.


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