My son’s school schedules fall parent-teacher conferences in early November, and they give the students the nearest Friday off from school. Last year we used that day for a train trip to Chicago, and we thought it was so much fun that we did it again this year. Rather than take Amtrak from Champaign, which would put us in the Loop far away from the museums, we drove to the south suburbs and took the Metra Electric commuter train, which stops at all the major Lakefront attractions.

We wanted to see the Museum of Science and Industry this time, and I decided to take Portra for the outside and my X100 for the inside. Portra was a great choice, as this shot against the sun holds a little pale blue in the sky while sporting stylish lens flare:


The colors in the other direction aren’t bad either:

Tower and Transport

The X100 did what I wanted it to do inside the museum; I chose not to post any of those shots, as they’re of interest to the family album only. When we came out it was cloudy, and again Portra came through with the museum’s bicycle rack:


And best of all, or so my kids think, I got a shot I like of a Metra Electric train:


I’m not going to sell off my digital bodies and go film-only, but I’m enjoying the way the constraints of film concentrate my mind. If I have few exposures and no preview, I really have to make every shot count.


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