Portra 400 – Things

The conventional wisdom has it that Portra, like other color negative films with neutral characteristics, shouldn’t be used for nature. I try not to be a slave to conventional wisdom, and in fact, Portra is great with natural subjects, including fall color:



For comparison I went back to the second tree with Ektar; we’ll see that shot in a couple of posts. I don’t see a problem with the color in either of these frames, and if I want more saturation, well, both Portra and Ektar were designed to scan easily as part of a hybrid film/digital workflow. Lightroom makes it dead easy to tweak color.

My two attempts at street photography had lovely tones but were horrible photographs; I mention them only because, had I used my brain, Portra would not have stood in my way. 🙂 Architecture in progress looks good too, as Green Street’s urban canyon gets longer:


So does some Crab Rangoon from a farewell luncheon for a co-worker:

Crabby Opening

After one roll I’m hooked. Portra 400 is fast, has fine grain, great color, great skin tones, good sharpness (any unsharpness is my fault and not the film’s), and responds well when rated a little bit slower than the box says. It’s a great all-purpose color film whose only drawback is that it’s more expensive than some of the alternatives. I look forward to shooting more of it as time and money permit.


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