Portra 400 – People

I chose Portra 400 for the first roll through my new-to-me F100. I wanted to start with something that has a bit of latitude, and I had read good reports about rating it at 320, or even 200, for more density in the shadows.

Since the literature claims “spectacular skin tones,” I thought I’d test that first off, with my son John in window light:

Johnny Lisa

Those look like pretty darn good skin tones to me, as well as lovely rendering of light and shadow from that window. I should have had John turn his head more towards his right, but he didn’t want to stand still very long. Portra also did a great job with Joey in a relatively dark vehicle interior:

Chorus Boy

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to save a few frames for flash portraits; that’s something I’m going to have to try with the next roll, using my digital body to proof. (Just like peeling a Polaroid, except entirely different.)

Of course, Portra isn’t only good for pictures of people, but that’s a topic for our next post.

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