Blurring the Lines

I’ve been doing a lot of motion blur lately while out walking or waiting for the bus. This crossing gets a lot of traffic at the top of the hour, but I have hitherto preferred to capture a few people crossing rather than the great mass of pedestrians.


Bikes and cars both offer longer lines at the (relatively) fast shutter speeds I use when handholding my X100:

Dead Heat

I can reliably handhold the X100 down to about 1/8 second, if I tuck my elbows, hold my breath after exhaling, and don’t mash the shutter. As a friend of mine described it, it’s like fusing video with still photography: the motion is clearly expressed against a sharp background.


2 thoughts on “Blurring the Lines

    • Andy,

      You’re welcome!

      I never try this type of thing with my Nikon (D7100); something about the SLR form factor makes it harder for me to hold steady. My technique likely needs quite a bit of improvement. I’m told by those who claim to know that the postures and positions for rifle shooting help greatly with handholding at slow speeds, which makes sense.

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