Goodwin Mural

In late summer 2013 an artist was commissioned to paint a mural on the Goodwin Avenue bridge over the Boneyard. The goal of the project was to discourage dumping of harmful substances into street drains that, eventually, wind up in rivers.


Here’s an oblique view of the whole thing during the Great February Melt of 2014.


The artist put the protruding bolts to good use as the heads of a couple animals. In addition to this frog, there’s a turtle I haven’t captured a good image of yet.

Fall Smile

Leaves and twigs make happy and slightly mischievous faces on the water.


Hmm…does the water magically come up from the channel here and spill over, carrying a fish with it?

Whimsical street art makes me happy; I hope this mural does the same for you.


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