Slow Commotion

The atmosphere of a university campus in mid-August is charged with a bizarre mix of abandonment and anticipation. The summer students are gone and the campus is empty, yet all of us who work for the university know that the quiet is fleeting, as we frantically prepare for the beginning of the fall term mere days away.

Great Falls of the Boneyard

I’ve long wanted to make a longish exposure of this fountain, and the peculiar mid-August mood put me in mind to try. I carry my X100 with me almost everywhere, but I don’t necessarily carry a tripod, which makes these kind of pictures much more difficult. Fortunately, I was able to balance it on the edge of the fountain steadily enough to permit a 1/3 second exposure.

I’ll have to save up for a deep neutral density filter, for greater smoothness in the blurred water next time.


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