Tundra High

The thinner the air, the better the view.

Rock and Tundra

We had stopped to let the kids use a park-built walkway across the alpine tundra to get to a region of snowpack. My wife took them across while I tried different combinations of road and mountains. In the end, I couldn’t improve on the first one I took.


My kids appreciated the novelty of being able to run around on snow in July. They even waited for me to finish taking pictures of mountains before they demanded one of themselves.


This little pool caught my eye because of its shape; I see a pig or wild boar, or possibly a tapir.

My older son is interested in volcanoes, and he was worried that one of the mountains in the park might erupt. I told him that there are no volcanoes in the park now and that there never had been. As we learned a few hundred feet down the road, that last is not quite true….


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