I was given the gift of a new Nikon SLR body as an early Christmas present, which meant I had to decide whether to jump to FX or stick with DX for a while. I have two DX-only lenses which I use quite frequently, and one of the FX equivalents would cost much more than I can afford to pay; moreover, both body and lenses would, in general, be noticeably heavier. I decided to stay DX and went for a D7100. A tripod plate from Really Right Stuff soon followed, and tonight I locked it down on the tripod for a seasonal image.

The image above was assembled from three exposures, with the sharp candle in each hand-masked in. A little extra blur was applied to the bokeh to disguise prominent diffraction rings; I have seen them before but never as noticeable as here. So far I am pleased with the image quality and handling. My technique will have to be upgraded a bit to make the best use of those 24 megapixels, but that was only to be expected.

I’m itching to use my new toy for some landscape work and pictures of local Christmas lights. Hopefully I’ll get to do that soon and report back.

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