Contrary to the University of Illinois’ reputation for political disengagement, I found some more current affairs graffiti on a recent photowalk:


Sometimes one picture will trigger an association with another in my library, and the connection between them can be quite obscure. Our friends protesting the NSA above made me think of a picture taken last year that I finally decided to publish:


I leave articulating the connection between them as an exercise for the reader. 🙂

The Greeks were wise to relieve the intense catharsis of a tragic trilogy by appending a satyr-play to it. For me, at least, this experience of diachronicity needs comic relief:


I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that the most interesting part of photographing graffiti is not the images by themselves, but interactions between the images that are perceived by the photographer, and expressed by juxtaposition or collage. I’m curious to see if and how this idea alters my approach to my graffiti collection.


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