Red at Night

I was sitting at home one evening a couple weeks back, a bit tired from the day, not really in the mood to take pictures. I glanced out of the front window and saw the neighborhood suffused with a curious red light. From experience I knew this could mean only one thing: an oddball sunset, a lucky alignment of atmospheric phenomena. I got off my keister, grabbed camera and tripod, and went out to try to do something with some fascinating light that, as it turned out, lasted all of 5 minutes.


If I had been able to plan and set up for this shot I would have gotten something more dramatic; instead we have this little serpentine wisp of cloud, isolated from the sky with a long lens, contemplative in its presentation. Nonetheless, I took Galen Rowell’s advice, and didn’t let the sunset pass without trying something. Perhaps that’s the most important thing.

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