Into The Blue

On a visit to my parents I took a little time out for lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen since high school, a self-employed IT guy who has a very successful consulting business in the Chicago area. The restaurant where we ate is right under one of the departure paths for O’Hare, and as luck would have it, one of United’s 747s flew over as I was waiting:

Into the Blue

Since I was carrying my X100, I knew I had to use the bird as one point of interest within a broader composition. (I’d still have had to do the same with my Nikon, as I don’t own the very long lenses needed for true planespotting.) With the (relatively) short lens of the X100, the 747 feels much farther away than it really is, but take a closer look: the flaps and leading-edge slats are still extended, which means it only just took off.

Despite what air travel has become, moments like this remind me of how much I enjoyed it when I was a child and it was still an adventure.


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