Late Snowfall

Winter did not want to go away this year. At the beginning of March we had a good-sized snowfall, which thankfully stuck around long enough for me to photograph it on my lunch break.


An otherwise symmetrical shot’s nose gets tweaked by the slope of the sidewalk. Good drainage triumphs over order and precision. šŸ™‚


The little classical portico on Talbot Lab always amuses me.


I think it ridiculous that so much money and effort have been put into making the Boneyard Creek pretty where it flows through the engineering campus, but I ought not carp too much. Thanks to the landscaping I can find interesting pictures in all seasons.


Poor Diana looks cold and forlorn here, although I suppose a goddess should be able to keep herself warm in the buff in all kinds of weather.

Believe it or not, winter was still not done with us, but that’s a story for another post….


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