Getting It Wrong, Getting It Right

Not long after I started this blog, I said this about taking pictures of my kids:

Kids take great snapshots, too, but can be the ultimate in frustration when you want a more posed or formal picture.

The limiting factor, of course, is their attention span. Making adults sit idle while you dink around with equipment irritates them and makes them less likely to want your services in future, but making little kids sit idle is the utter ruin of a photo session. Sometimes, though, when you are least worthy of it, you are given great mercy.

A Boy Of Many Talents

By all rights, I ought not have this portrait of my son John. I did everything wrong that I possibly could: I started work too late in the evening, I waffled on where I wanted to take his picture (library…no, bed…no, library…no, bed…), I dinked about with my equipment for almost a half-hour before setting him in position, I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to use my lights. I couldn’t even figure out what focal length I wanted, although the 50mm was in fact perfect for the job. Through all the chaos, John was patient and cooperative, plus he gave me the perfect expression on his face. With a little editing in the GIMP, I have a portrait I rather like, and so does he.

Lessons hopefully learned. I can’t count on such a performance again.


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