In the Loft

I direct a Gregorian chant choir that sings around the local parishes, most frequently at St. Matthew’s, pictured here:

Chant Incoming

Earlier this year it dawned on me that my choir doesn’t have much of a photographic record, not even any promotional/group pictures, which have been coming Real Soon Now for an embarrassingly long time. It’s hard impossible to conduct and photograph at the same time, but since I bring my X100 with me pretty much everywhere I go, I can at least try to make a few images when we’re not actively rehearsing or performing. I’m not sure what this image tells you about Catholic liturgy or how beautiful and uplifiting it is to worship with Gregorian chant, but this is usually what the view feels like from the choir loft: when we’re singing, I can see my books very clearly, but everything else is a blur.


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