A Visit to St. Edna’s

I didn’t intend to go silent for a month. Here’s a long-overdue new post.

At the beginning of June we went to visit my parents, and I stopped by St. Edna Catholic Church, one of the three parishes serving Arlington Heights, IL. When I was growing up, this crucifix, now mounted in an alcove in the vestibule, hung over the altar:


Depictions of Christ crucified in full Mass vestments were very popular in the 1950s and 60s (St. Edna was built in the late 60s) but declined rapidly after that. The theological point, emphasizing the unity of the Mass and the Crucifixion, is well-served in this example.


The flowers in the Marian niche on the side of the altar caught my eye. The statue is not great art, but it’s decent for its time.


Theotokos 1, Snake 0. 🙂

I often feel self-conscious taking pictures in a church. I used the X100 for these, so there was no noise to disturb anyone else; even so, I fear my mere presence is disruptive. Perhaps I need not worry; I’ve only been asked about it once, and the person who asked wanted to make sure I also went to a different church to take a picture of their creche before it was put away.


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