Paint Sprayers

To judge by my work, I have a thing for graffiti, especially if it’s pleasantly absurd or artistically executed. I photographed oodles of graffiti in Fall 2012, particularly on lunch breaks in November.


I originally published this image of a “canyon” between two apartment buildings in black-and-white, but now I think the color version has more impact, more emotion.


Evidently, someone or someones went on a coordinated campaign from Wright Street down the Boneyard Walkway at least as far as Fourth Street; signs similar to these (especially the PLS peace-love-smiley face one) can be found all along the route. These are on the Jerusalem Restaurant at Wright and Healey.


Here’s one I kept in monochrome, because I could get cool contrast effects with a blue filter. šŸ™‚ The cow-with-a-parachute stencil is another favorite of the merry pranksters who decorated these several blocks.

One might be tempted to say that photographs of graffiti are just a subgenre of urbex/urban decay. I would disagree; at least in my mind, it’s more like preserving the work of another artist, or creating a derivative work from it. These images are not as pleasantly absurd as my bus-stop find, nor as artistic as Graffiti Dude, but I was able to compose something out of the symbols and their surroundings, which is sufficient for me.

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