In the Flow

I went out for a stroll at lunch late last week and walked down to the Boneyard Creek behind the Everitt Lab machine shop:


The rocks in the stream caught my eye here. When I reviewed this exposure on-camera at the end of the day, I was not impressed, but I let it sit for another couple days before reviewing it on my computer, at which point I saw that cropping from 3:2 to 16:9 would eliminate an anomalous bright reflection and improve the image. Some basic lens correction, tonal adjustments, and sharpening were quickly applied, but there wasn’t enough local contrast; the water and rocks did not have enough separation. I was feeling stymied and about to give up when it hit me: gee, why don’t you burn in the water, dummy? Photoshop not needed; Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush did exactly what I wanted. I might further tweak the dry tops of the rocks; as it is, they have subtle high-value gradations that could need help to print well.

I haven’t decided if the rocks are more interesting by themselves or in the full context of the channel with landscaped banks. I may go back for another try with a different lens.

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