Soft Light

My friend Mark in New Mexico, for whom I made a pay-it-forward print, was born and raised in western Illinois, and though he has lived in the Southwest for a few years he is still not used to the harsh, contrasty light so common there. When he first saw the two pictures shown below, he complimented me on capturing the particular soft, luminous quality of autumn in Illinois.

Burning Bushes

I had taken the car down the street for an oil change and decided I’d pass the time with a little photowalk. I was lucky to catch the bus turning here along with the red bushes.

Im Herbst

The “creek” (it’s more of a drainage ditch, really) that empties into Mattis Park has long frustrated my attempts to make what I feel is a compelling image; here at last I think I have found a good combination of location and lens.


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