Crunching Gears


After returning from Philadelphia, I chose to use my X100 almost exclusively and barely touched my Nikon for a few months. I quickly found that the X100 was not well-suited to taking pictures of my kids; the shot above of my son Joseph is a notable exception rather than the rule. However, it is small, has no reflex mirror, and can be zone-focused; in short, the X100 behaves very much like a Leica wearing a 35mm lens. It’s really good on the street, whether students are going to class…


…or workmen are laying new sewer pipe….

Civic Plumbing

…or a solitary cyclist is riding down the street:

Morning Ride

I don’t enjoy street photography as much as I do other subjects, which probably explains why I’m bad at it. Still, the X100 has pushed me to try street shooting more often, and I even have a few attempts that please me. (They’re a couple months away in the backlog; just wait. 🙂 )


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