*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

The family obligations I mentioned in my last post are now completed: my wife has earned the degree of Master of Music in Organ Performance. (We’ve seen her at the console before.) I’m still working my way back into some pictures, so let me reach into the archive for a shot from Black Friday 2011:

Black Friday

The idea of a long exposure to capture the essence of the first day of the Christmas Shopping Season suggested itself to me easily, but finding the right location was more difficult. In order not to cut off the top of the building I had to tilt the camera, which required perspective correction in post. Further, in order to be ready when the sunset was properly blending with the street and interior lights, I had to get there and get set up in advance. I do not remember just how long it took to find both the right light and the right mix of traffic passing, but it felt like more than an hour.

In retrospect, a neutral density filter might have been useful for this shot, to allow a slower shutter speed and more/longer light trails.

While I was shooting I attracted the attention of a writer for Shutterbug magazine, whose name I no longer remember. We had a nice chat about this and that, although I was glad when he left so I could focus more attention on photography. 🙂 This remains the only time I can remember that someone has come up to talk to me while I was photographing.

There; my toes are wet again. Let’s see if I can restart and post on a regular basis.


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