Eating Backwards

It appears that ice cream is serious business on WordPress; my post from June 21 attracted the most attention of any post on this blog, by far. While photography, not food, is the primary subject around here, I like both photographing and eating good food; in that vein, let’s talk about a picture I took last year.


The light here is a less-successful version of the concept used in my picture of breakfast with my Meissen coffee cups. As with most of my culinary images, the key light is a large soft source from behind, generated in this case by bouncing a strobe off the white wall behind my stove. Space in the kitchen is a bit cramped, so instead of setting up another strobe I used the window directly opposite the stove as my fill light. This is a classic flash technique called “dragging the shutter”; by placing my camera on a tripod, using the flash to expose its part of the frame, and balancing flash to continuous light by using a slow shutter speed, the window was able to act as fill against the flash. The problem is that I used too slow a shutter speed; in my opinion I should have cut the fill by abut 2/3 stop. Nonetheless, it’s a serviceable picture of what was a most delicious pizza.


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