Sweet Treats

When you tire of the ice cream available in the supermarket, or you want to better control the ingredients used in its manufacture, or a blogger you respect starts making lots of ice cream, your thoughts naturally turn to the purchase of an ice cream machine. Such has happened in my household, and my wife took Father’s Day as her opportunity to buy a lovely half-gallon unit. It was immediately pressed into service to make a flavor Prairie Farms doesn’t offer: cardamom pistachio, a Western analogue to Indian kulfi. It was wonderful, and deserved some pictures before we ate it all.


I’ve done plenty of food photography with flash, but tonight I decided to set myself the problem of using only the available light. I knew I wanted a soft but directional source for the texture, which immediately suggested the picture window in my living room. A table, a cloth, and a tripod, and I was ready to shoot. I also dug out my gray card to set a custom white balance for the mix of reflected sun and skylight coming through the window.


Both shots were taken with my Tamron macro lens, which has unexpectedly become one of my most-used lenses, second only to my trusty 35mm f/1.8. I suspect it will be seeing much more use documenting our adventures in homemade frozen delights.


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