On the last two weekends my wife has been playing for the Saturday evening Mass at St. John’s Catholic Chapel, the University church. My wife was not involved there when she was in college, since she lived 5 minutes away from St. Matthew’s in Champaign, but I lived at the attached Newman Hall dormitory for all four years of my undergraduate study. I am no longer a student, a foolish old man rather than a foolish young man; still, no other church feels as much like “home” as St. John’s. It helps that it’s a gorgeous little Italian Baroque chapel, with huge and luminous windows I cannot hope to capture in full with my camera. After Mass this past Saturday I was able to grab a quick shot of the window in the west choir loft stairwell:

Rex Psalmorum

Its opposite number in the east stairwell depicts St. Cecilia, but I didn’t have enough light to shoot handheld over there. A project for another time, methinks, because I will be going back to visit.


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