Variety Show

It wasn’t my intention to go a month without posting anything, but it’s been that kind of month. I’m very much alive and I haven’t sworn off photography.

I mostly refrain from posting pictures of my kids here, but I’m making an exception for this one, because Joey’s expression positively oozes the hauteur necessary in a Sith lord. Don’t you agree?


On May 5 I attempted pictures of the perigee full moon, even using The Photographer’s Ephemeris to virtually scout my location beforehand. I chose poorly; my original location was not usable and all I have of the moon is a hasty double-exposure, not yet assembled, taken on the way home. On the other hand, the area near my original location gave me a few pictures of interest, like this:


And this:


I’d really like to go back and do this one over again, with a longer lens; this is a severe crop from the full frame.

If you’re still reading, thank you, and hopefully I’ll post more frequently from now on.


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