Getting My Kicks

Once again, I was carrying my camera with me at exactly the right time and place:

Bel Air

I was over at Holy Cross this past Wednesday and found this gorgeous hunk of metal waiting for me when I came out. My camera was not bearing its usual companion, but rather my brand-new Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di lens. I have long been interested in this lens for general macro use, but also for documenting household valuables should they suffer damage or loss, and the opportunity finally arose to purchase it.

Soaring On The Road

The only annoyance I have found so far is with autofocus in low light, which can be slow and difficult to acquire, but that’s merely an annoyance rather than a flaw. Macro lenses shine in manual focus, and while the Tamron lacks the satisfying feel of an old-fashioned metal helicoid, it’s quite good for a modern lens. Even wide open it’s razor sharp, with great contrast and good color rendition. I look forward to trying it out on a true macro subject after Easter.

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