In A Fog

Unless you’re in San Francisco, you’re generally lucky to find yourself shooting in fog. (Veteran travel photographer Bob Krist helps a bit with tips on predicting fog, but like all forecasters, he’s not infallible.) I was lucky recently when I got up early to grab a shot of a companion to some other graffiti on an underpass, and tried to give the found subject its due attention too.

I confidently forgot to bring a memory card with me, which forced a mad dash back to headquarters, causing me to miss some lovely purples and magentas in the twilight. Thankfully, I was still in time for some blues and dusky orange/pink.


I walked over for a closer shot of the barn/silo, which I fumbled; I was packing my camera back in the car when I noticed the trail of my footprints through the dew.


Finally, I moved to the St. Mary’s Road underpass for the shot I originally wanted. The sun is frame right, high enough to give some “lift” to the edges without creating too much contrast. I’m standing across the road in a little marked walkway with a long lens; there is no corresponding walkway on the other side, so I couldn’t go in with a wide lens as I did for the companion graffito at Stadium Drive.

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