Still Hanging On

Real life has this annoying habit of demanding my attention, instead of leaving me alone so I can make crappy pictures and annoy the Internet with them. In any event, I haven’t been completely idle, and am making a little project of the stained glass windows in my parish church. For instance:

And also:

Barca Petri

These pictures are a compromise between what I’d like to achieve and what my equipment permits. They were taken with tripod on the ground, a long lens, camera tilted up, and framed loosely. It took two attempts to get something usable; I forgot to enable exposure delay on my first attempt, and the whole set was ruined by vibrations from mirror slap. If I can arrange it I should try again, using a ladder rather than my tripod to get the camera higher.

Too Early For Saffron

Spring is here, although I’m sure winter will make at least one more appearance before April. We have more crocuses this year than I’ve ever seen in front of the house. For this picture I waited until the flowers were in shade, set a white balance to render the ambient light bluish, and used a strobe with a full CTO to provide the warm sunlit feel.


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